How to apply

The CSAR PhD Student Awards of £1,000 each, are intended to recognise outstanding research with real world application and to assist students to pursue their research or careers.

The awards are open to students, in any discipline at the University of Cambridge, currently studying for their Ph.D. at the deadline for application. Selection of applicants will be at the discretion of the CSAR PhD Student Awards Committee.

The 2020 application process is now open, and will close on 8th December 2019. A meeting to select the finalists for 2020 will be held in mid-January with finalist interviews before 10 February at Churchill College.

Here is the application form; please read the form and the guidelines carefully before starting the application process.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to give a ten minute presentation on their research to the award committee.

Successful candidates will receive their award at a ceremony in the Spring.

In return, Award winners will be asked to present their work in a 10 minute slot (including questions) at a regular CSAR lecturer evening. Subsequently this presentation will be posted on the CSAR website.

Award winners are also expected to submit a short (350 word) report on how the award was used, within nine months of receipt of the award.

If the recipient’s time permits, they may be invited to present their research and inspire students, in schools around Cambridge and/or participate in the selection committee for future CSAR awards.

If Award winners request it, CSAR will endeavour to provide opportunities for personal development and meeting influential professionals in their area of interest, within the University of Cambridge and other organisations. This will also include an opportunity to meet the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research of the University.

Please send any queries, or report any issues arising during your application, to the secretary of the Student Award Committee, Jane Baker, at


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